TMargarita was born at the beginning of 2015, with the passion and dedication that our founder dedicated to the tissues.

After many workshops and experience acquired this company was born and raised in Venezuela. We carry out with the highest quality standards the preparation and fabrication of handmade baby clothes, taking care of all the details and using high quality with hypoallergenic yarns to give shape to a unique piece that will go through the years and the memories of the birth of your baby.

We preserve our essence, we leave reflected in each of our pieces the originality in each of our designs. TMargarita takes as inspiration in each design the origin of where it was founded, called by many “La Perla del Caribe”Isla Margarita, where our inspiration is seen by the contrasts of colors, textures, essence and inspiration to create in this way a true work of art in each of our pieces.

Our Mision

Is to dress with love, delicacy and care in detail to your special being in such a special moment. We want our garments endure in time and be part of a unique and unrepeatable and special memory.

The vision

TMargarita expose is to internationalize in a global and competitive way the textile industry and the diversification of designs, pieces and sets of clothes for babies.

Currently, our company is diversified worldwide thanks to our partners, which allows us to ship in real time each of our pieces to your place. With the support of our social networks and our online store we give thanks to what today represents TMargarita.